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Yellow Overalls Bundle

Yellow Overalls Bundle

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You can't have a Laffin without the drip! Custom-fitted for all standard plushies, this extensive hand-stitched wardrobe selection will have your Laffin looking fresh. Stylize your Laffin with just the right gear, or get some for the whole family!

Your Laffin will thank you, we promise. 😉


This bundle includes:

  • 1 x eyewear
  • 1 x scarf
  • 1 x sweater
  • 1 x handbag


Laffin plushie not included.

How to wash

Laffins are best hand-washed and air-dried! However, if using a dryer, we suggest a no-heat setting.

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Customer Reviews

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Upset bundles not available

Why are all the bundles sold out? Seems unfair the prices are crazy without them. Not really happy the company shows the. But won’t let you get them. If they have the product available individually they can bundle them. Seems wrong to me to do this to kids.

Fun for everyone

Standing at 12 inches tall, each Laffin makes for a lovable gift for all ages. Mix and match with our vast collection of custom-fitted clothing and accessories!