Who is Laffin?

At a young age, Laffin Doush left his German culture and crossed the blue seas for one reason: to give you the softest cuddles possible. He is an adorable ducky plushie who always has your best interest in mind: he gave up everything in order to meet you. He has searched for you, up until this very moment, for you to accept his offer of eternal friendship and love. At every moment of the day, Laffin Doush will be by your side, looking out for you and making sure you are safe. But make sure you hug him on a daily basis, so he knows he’s doing a good job at loving and protecting you. Laffin Doush’s fur is so soft you’ll wish you could sleep with him—and that’s exactly what he’s here for. He is the perfect companion at nighttime, quelling anxious thoughts to give you the best rest possible. It is even said that your dreams become happier when sleeping with Laffin Doush! His cute, comfortable smile provides complete joy and relief from the struggles of everyday life. It’s simply impossible that the two of you won’t be best friends until the end of time.